Flight Physicals


Dr. Schwartzberg with his Cessna 170

Convenient Scheduling

throughout the Champlain Valley Basin Area

S Burlington, Willsboro NY and Lake Placid NY

Class I , II and III    $145

Class I     w/ECG    $185

802-448-9370  to schedule in Vermont

518-963-4007 to schedule in NY

or contact Josh by email


Most Mondays and Wednesdays at Champlain Medical Urgent Care

Thursdays in Lake Placid and Fridays in Willsboro


Champlain Medical Urgent Care

150 Kennedy Drive S. Burlington VT


Answers to common issues;

  1. First time reporting of hypertension

  2. Subsequent reporting of hypertension

  3. First time reporting of stent/heart attack and other coronary problems

  4. Diabetes, oral medications initial reporting and followup

  5. Diabetes followup form

  6. Arrhythmia

  7. Glaucoma





Don't forget to do your paperwork online.  We can no longer use pen and paper for your medical :-)